Quick Response
to Emergency Leaks &

Combining Expertise with Compassion

At Leak Stop Gun (LSG), we deeply care about the well-being of people and of our planet. As a result of this commitment, we have applied our ingenuity to the development of the LSG, a quick and easy way to plug large, unforeseen leaks. From the beginning, we have listened to our customers so we can make a profound and measurable difference in the safety and health of their team members and the strength of their organizations.

That commitment includes helping our customers in the Industrial, Transportation, Public Safety, and Government sectors protect the planet’s natural resources by engaging in sustainable practices.


Liquids unexpectedly escaping their containers is an occurrence that goes back centuries. The damage caused by hazardous and non-hazardous leaks and spills is a problem worth solving, and we have applied our engineering know-how to that purpose. The LSG’s functionality is second to none because of our unwavering commitment to making sure that every component we source and every product we manufacture with those components delivers optimal field performance.

As a result of the extreme care we take in our product development and manufacturing processes, our customers are prepared to minimize the effects of emergencies in their facilities or on their tanker trucks or ocean-going vessels.

Products Designed with Your
Environment in Mind

Leak Stop Gun LSG400

LSG 150

The LSG 150 is ideal for small leaks with diameters ranging from 2” to 5”. and made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Leak Stop Gun LSG400

LSG 400

The LSG 400 is designed for leaks with diameters ranging from 5” to 14”. and made from the same materials as the LSG 150.

Made in

The Versatility to be Used in a Wide Range of Applications

The LSG is adaptable to numerous environments, including manufacturing, processing, and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, in pressurized and non-pressure vessels; shipbuilding, operation, and repair in the commercial and government sectors; and ground transportation, including tanker trucks and fire engines.


Chemical Plants
Petroleum Bulk Terminals
Steel & Aluminum Mills


Cargo Ships
Cruise Ships
Tanker Trucks


Fire Departments
Coast Guard Ships
Naval Ships