About Us

Inspired by the Desire to Act Responsibly

Unforeseen leaks of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, and other liquids can jeopardize human health, workplace safety, and the environment if they are not handled quickly and correctly. That’s why we created the Leak Stop Gun (LSG). Inspired by our first-hand knowledge of the potential damage that emergency leaks can cause, we applied our engineering and manufacturing expertise to the development and production of the LSG.

Wherever there is the potential for material fatigue or vehicular accidents to occur, there is a need for the LSG’s controlled repair capabilities to maximize safety and minimize harm in industrial facilities with storage tanks, as well as on tanker trucks, fire engines, cargo and passenger ships, and Navy and Coast Guard ships.

Developed with partners in Europe, LSG’s leak plugging capabilities stop leaks within seconds, allowing for controlled repair that helps to improve the safety of commercial and marine environments, and emergency response situations.