Optimizing Safety
at Industrial Facilities

Great Chemistry with Chemical Plants

The LSG is an essential safety device for chemical manufacturers. Its ability to plug tank leaks and seal them can help to minimize the effects of leaks and spills on human health and the environment. The LSG can also help to minimize downtime and maintain production schedules. With so much at stake in chemical manufacturing environments, the LSG is a highly affordable insurance policy that can easily pay for itself. To find out how the LSG should be optimally deployed throughout your facility, or across multiple locations…

Fueling Emergency Preparedness

The potential of petroleum storage tank leaks causing environmental degradation is real. That’s why the LSG’s petroleum storage tank leak plugging capabilities are so valuable to owners and operators of petroleum bulk terminals. With the LSG, you get an effective, easy way to make temporary repairs until permanent ones take effect. While some people ask what the cost of an LSG is, the better question is “What’s the potential cost of being without one?” For the answer to that question and any others you may have…

A Better Way to show your mettle

With increased demand for U.S.-made steel and aluminum, the need for quick internal responses to emergencies is greater than ever. The LSG’s ability to rapidly plug leaks in pressure and non-pressure vessels makes it an essential device for any metals production environment. Although manufacturing processes are more automated than ever, the probability of emergency leaks occurring remains. Better to have a safety aid and not use it than to need assistance and not have it. To be prepared if the unexpected occurs…

Why Companies Choose
Leak Stop Gun



Our commitment to providing customers with a highly functional product that always reflects the latest technology keeps us committed to continually refining the Leak Stop Gun.


We are committed to protecting the planet’s natural resources by engaging in sustainable manufacturing practices and helping our customers engage in best practices for their respective industries.


Our unwavering commitment to making sure every component we source and every product we manufacture with those components delivers optimal field performance helps to ensure that our customers are always prepared to minimize the effects of emergencies.