Stopping Leaks on
Ships & Tanker

Leak-Free Cargo Ship Sailing

The Leak Stop Gun (LSG) is critically important to the safety of cargo ships, particularly those transporting hazardous materials. The LSG’s ability to contain leaks plays a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of spills on human health and marine ecosystems. Additionally, having an easily accessible LSG’ can reduce the probability of schedule disruptions and maintain delivery schedules. Given the high cost of delays in cargo shipping, the LSG is a hedge against the unexpected happening, much like fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. To determine the optimal placements of the LSG within your vessels…

Smooth Cruising Ahead

The LSG can be highly useful on cruise ships. Its ability to plug leaks quickly can make a difference in passengers’ enjoyment and safety of their ocean voyages. With the LSG, you can keep schedule disruptions to a minimum and memorable experiences for all the right reasons to a maximum. To identify the optimal placement of the LSG throughout your fleet…

Steer Tanker Trucks Clear of Leaks

Given the increased demand for transporting flammable liquids such as gasoline, the importance of tanker trucks’ emergency preparedness is critical, and the LSG is an excellent way to protect human health and the environment if the unexpected happens. At LSG, experience has taught us that it’s best to have a safety measure in place and not need to use it rather than needing assistance and not having the right tool on-hand. To strengthen your preparedness for the unexpected…

Why Companies Choose
Leak Stop Gun



Our commitment to providing customers with a highly functional product that always reflects the latest technology keeps us committed to continually refining the Leak Stop Gun.


We are committed to protecting the planet’s natural resources by engaging in sustainable manufacturing practices and helping our customers engage in best practices for their respective industries.


Our unwavering commitment to making sure every component we source and every product we manufacture with those components delivers optimal field performance helps to ensure that our customers are always prepared to minimize the effects of emergencies.