Protecting Public
Safety and National

Every Fire Truck Should Have One

The Leak Stop Gun (LSG) can help firefighters create leakage seals that minimize the effects of leaks and spills in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Whether a liquid is hazardous or non-hazardous, the LSG can protect people’s health and safety, prevent damage to the environment, and minimize property damage quickly and more effectively than any other device used by first responders. To make the LSG standard equipment in on your Engine Truck, Ladder Truck, Rescue/Special Operations Truck, Brush Truck, Command Vehicle, Tiller (Hook-and-Ladder) Truck, or Tanker/Water Tender…

Safeguarding the ships that keep our coastal waters safe

The LSG is a first line of defense on U.S. Coast Guard vessels that experience leaks. The LSG can also be used to help limit the adverse environmental effects of marine spills when Coast Guard vessels respond to incidents at sea, saving taxpayers and shipping companies alike millions of dollars in cleanup costs. To prepare for the unexpected…

Helping Naval Ships Prepare for Duty

Whether naval ships are performing field training exercises (FTXs), transporting troops in peacetime, or are involved in deterrence or combat missions, the LSG’s leak plugging capabilities can help crews focus exclusively on their core responsibilities during an emergency. The LSG is ideal for use on Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Assault and Command Ships, Dock Landing Ships, Cruisers and Guided Missile Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Combat Ships, Mine Countermeasure Ships, Patrol Ships, and Submarines. To keep hostile waters at bay…

Why Companies Choose
Leak Stop Gun



Our commitment to providing customers with a highly functional product that always reflects the latest technology keeps us committed to continually refining the Leak Stop Gun.


We are committed to protecting the planet’s natural resources by engaging in sustainable manufacturing practices and helping our customers engage in best practices for their respective industries.


Our unwavering commitment to making sure every component we source and every product we manufacture with those components delivers optimal field performance helps to ensure that our customers are always prepared to minimize the effects of emergencies.